Water purification system Type I


When it comes to water purification system type 1, Labtechanalytical is your trusted partner in high-quality water treatment systems. Pure water (III) for simple washing and rinsing with pure water for general laboratory use Water purification System Type II. And ultrapure water for high sensitivity applications (I), we can provide a variety of solutions for your specific application. It is also used for a water filter for home system

Labtechanalytical is a distributor of LabWater systems. It is the trusted name for experimental point-of-use water purification unit that leverages expertise accumulated over more than 80 years of innovation. Our product line includes compact laboratory systems, central purification and dispensing systems and flexible systems for ultrapure water applications.


In addition, we provide engineering solutions such as reverse osmosis, nanofiltration and ultraviolet systems to meet plant-wide demands for high purity water. All solutions are backed by world-class service provided by a nationwide branch network to ensure proper installation and ongoing preventive maintenance to protect your investment and maximize uptime.


How to assess and define the purity of laboratory water?

To achieve a unified water classification system, several important factors representing the various properties of water have been used.

   Water conductivity

Conductivity is expressed in micro siemens wave centimetres (μS / cm) at 25oC. It is the inverse of resistance and measures the ability of a fluid to conduct an electric current. When evaluating water from "raw water" to "potable water", conductivity is commonly used to provide a valuable and non-specific indicator of the ion level in the water.

   Water resistance

Resistance is expressed in megohms per centimetre (MO-cm) at 25 ° C and is related to conductivity. High resistance equals low conductivity. Unlike electrical conductivity, the electrical resistance is primarily used to rate ultrapure water.

   Biological contamination of water

Untreated water is a common problem with the presence of biological contaminants such as bacteria and other microbes. According to some information, by water purification system, UV treatment and sterilization of the solution, the bacterial level is kept low in the form of colony-forming units per millilitre (CFU / ml).



   Increased flexibility

The different modules of the Arium® system offer the optimal solution for every task in the laboratory. The display is at eye level. You can adjust the spray position exactly where you want it. Depending on the space required, the system can be integrated anywhere in the lab as needed.

   The innovative system that saves time and guarantees user safety

The Sartorius Age bag tank system can achieve reproducible results over a long period to maintain stable water quality over a long period. Compared to ordinary water tanks, Arium® bags eliminate the use of chemicals to perform complex disinfection processes, providing safety for advanced users and saving time.

   Best water quality guarantees a reliable process

Low detection limits and high sensitivity analytical instruments require consistently high-quality laboratory water. You can always rely on laboratory-level water treatment systems to deliver reliable results for your critical analytical applications. They meet the highest quality requirements, so the best reproducible results are guaranteed.

   To optimize the use of water

The smart iJust function can automatically optimize the pure water quality and water consumption. Its intelligent software controls the concentrated purge valve based on CaCO3 and CO2 measurement data.


Applications of Water purification system type 1

   Preparation of samples for quality control

All pharmaceutical companies must prove that their products are consistent, safe, effective and pure.

   Quality of the analysis of cannabis tests

It is the basis of safe and economical analysis reduces interference and ensures accurate measurements of cannabinoids and terpenes.

   Optimizes HPLC sample preparation for greater analytical precision

With our ultrapure water technology, cleaner samples mean cleaner results